About us

Mydros zenekar

Mydros Greek band was founded in 2001 by young Greeks and Hungarians in Budapest. Their aim is to share the joy that Greek music and dance has been giving them since their childhood. During the past 14 years they had more than 970 concerts. Besides of Greek dance clubs and taverna nights, they were invited to big musical festivals, in Hungary, and abroad. They have celebrated the band's fifth birthday with their first CD, their second live DVD was released in 2012, which was recorded when they played as the warm-up act at Glykeria's concert in Budapest. The instruments of the band fits rebetika and laika music, however in their repertoire of 350 songs they also have a significant number of traditional folk dances, and they also perform popular Greek music. The band has already organized 8 tours for their audience to visit Greece together. 

Permanent members

Athina Csyef
Athina’s mother is Greek, both of her daughters have been listening to Greek music since they were born. Athina won many folklore contests before joining Mydros, where she sang Hungarian, Greek, and Spanish folk songs. She is also collaborating with pop music artists. Her real Greek mentality gives a big impulse to the band.
Lavínia Viragh
Lavinia’s parents are well-known classical musicians: her mother, Mária Zádori performs on more than 40 baroque and renaissance albums. Lavi accidentally bumped into a Greek dance club more than 10 years ago, where she fell in love with Greek music immediately. We discovered her at a song contest, and we asked her to join our band as soon as we had the opportunity. 
Gabor Smuk
Gabor fell in love with Greek music as a child, in the dance clubs where his parents took him almost every week. Together with his brother, they decided to play Greek music. At the age of 12 they already founded their first band, called Mytikas, and played together for 3 years. Shortly after this band broke up, they have founded Mydros. Gabor studied classical music for more than 8 years, his instruments were violin and tango accordion. 
Tamás Smuk
Tamas is the youngest member of our band, but he fascinates the audience with his great talent on percussion instruments. He got his first darbuka at kindergartner age, which instantly became his favourite. He’s learnt everything by himself and was mainly motivated by Egyptian and Turkish records. He is able to combine Greek music with Arabic and Turkish drumming techniques. He also plays guitar and dauli.
Nikolaos Stavropoulos 
Our bouzouki player, Nikos received his first instrument at the age of 14. He’s been listening to Greek bands since he was a child. We discovered him at a Festival, where he performed with another Greek band. It was a great fortune to find a bouzoukist of our age bracket. We shortly made friends, Niko learned our complete repertoire in a few months.

Guest musicians

Tibor Fonay
Our guest bass guitarist, Tibor Fonay joined Mydros on the summer of 2010 and played with us as permanent member until 2014. On his very first day it was clearly visible for us that he perfectly fits our band not only musically but also personally. As a graduate student of Jazz Department of Franz Liszt Academy of Music he regularly appears in jazz, funk, and world music formations. 
Mihály Gyorgy
Misa's father is not only a well-known jaz musician in Hungary, but he was also playing in the very first Balkan and Greek bands in our country, so he was designated for this musical career. He started to play drums at a very young age, and he was immediately acknowledged by the older musicians and invited to concerts. He's permanent member in two Serbian bands.